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Industrial Machining, NC

Summary: This position requires the set up and operation of a variety of machine tools to produce precision parts and instruments. Fabricate, modify, or repair mechanical instruments and maintain industrial machines, by applying knowledge of mechanics, shop mathematics, metal properties, layout, and machining procedures.


Pay: $22-$32


Essential Functions:

  • Calculate dimensions and tolerances using knowledge of mathematics and instruments such as micrometers and vernier calipers.
  • Machine parts to specifications using machine tools such as lathes, milling machines, shapers, or grinders.
  • Measure, examine, and test completed units in order to detect defects and ensure conformance to specifications, using precision instruments such as micrometers.
  • Set up, adjust, and operate all of the basic machine tools and many specialized or advanced variation tools in order to perform precision machining operations.
  • Align and secure holding fixtures, cutting tools, attachments, accessories, and materials onto machines.
  • Monitor the feed and speed of machines during the machining process.
  • Study sample parts, blueprints, drawings, and engineering information in order to determine methods and sequences of operations needed to fabricate products, and determine product dimensions and tolerances.
  • Select the appropriate tools, machines, and materials to be used in preparation of machinery work.
  • Lay out, measure, and mark metal stock in order to display placement of cuts.
  • Observe and listen to operating machines or equipment in order to diagnose machine malfunctions and to determine need for adjustments or repairs.
  • Program computers and electronic instruments such as numerically controlled machine tools.
  • Set controls to regulate machining, or enter commands to retrieve, input, or edit computerized machine control media.
  • Other functions as may be directed by Management.



  • Minimum 1 year of experience machining in an industrial environment
  • Relevant industry experience within automotive, preferably: automotive weld lines, BIW, and automation tooling systems
  • Must have your own tools
  • Experience setting up and operating mills and lathes, and ability to read prints is preferred.
  • Must be able to machine quality weldments of multiple sizes with close tolerances
  • Performs de-burring operations with miscellaneous hand tools
  • Performs checks on equipment to maintain efficient and safe operations and reports any deficiencies.

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Applicants must submit a resume to be considered for employment.

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